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Ivana Tanjević

Statistical office of Montenegro - MONSTAT, Montenegro

Ivana Tanjević is Head of Department of Labour Market Statistics in the Statistical Office of Montenegro. She holds a BSc in Economics (2008, University of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro, study program in Management). Her previous work was focused on Labour Force Survey with main responsibilities as preparing and organising survey, questionnaire design, field work control and surveillance, training of interviewers and supervisors, defining procedures for data editing programmes, coding of occupation and economic activity, preparation of data, reports and releases for publishing, preparation microdata and quality reports for transmission to Eurostat etc.

She did a traineeship as statistical assistant at Eurostat, in the Unit F1 - Social statistics – modernisation and coordination, in Luxembourg. The main tasks done refer to the statistics on the young population in the EU. Preparing proposal for the structure of the main youth indicators and creating Youth Dashboards for the Eurostat's website according the structure. Validating Statistics Explained articles "Young people - social inclusion" and "Young people - migration and socioeconomic situation", validating the data in the "EU Youth report_2015" and revision of the Statistics Explained article "Young people - migration". On behalf of Statistical Office of Montenegro she takes a part in the Accession negotiations Chapter 19 – in the areas of Social policy and employment. She have attended LAMAS Working Group meetings, the Workshops on Labour Force Survey Methodology and on Labour Market Policy Statistics and others.

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