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Lazo Šegrt

The Institute for Statistics of Republic of Srpska, B&H

Lazo Šegrt is a senior associate for agricultural and fishery statistics in the Institute for Statistics of Republic of Srpska responsible for organizing and implementing methodology, data collection, processing, assessment, analysis and dissemination of statistical data. Hi participates in the development of a sample survey in agriculture statistics, especially in the areas such as updating the Register of agricultural holdings as a statistical frame and selection of samples.

He is an author of the work paper entitled: “Non-sampling errors in diary production statistics”, presented at Statistical Summer School 2016. Lazo Šegrt was born in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He earned a bachelor’s degree in zootechnics in 2001 from Belgrade University and completed Master’s degree in agro-economics and rural development at the University of Banja Luka in 2019.


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