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ICOS2019: Emerging trends in statistical methodologies and data dissemination | November 14-15, 2019 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Martina Špundak

The Croatian Bureau of Statistics, Croatia

Martina has experience in all aspects of conducting statistical surveys, preparing and organising Labour Force Survey and Ad hoc modules; harmonizing surveys with relevant Regulations and EU requirements; questionnaire design, conducting data collection, data processing, data analysis, dissemination and data publishing; development of LFS and AHM national methodologies and questionnaires; in charge of data delivery to Eurostat; Martina is active member of LAMAS working group; member of national Task Force for implementing national version of classification of occupations (ISCO-08); participation in Census 2011; member of Labour Market Statistics Task Force 3 – LFS implementing act in labour market domain

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