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ICOS2019: Emerging trends in statistical methodologies and data dissemination | November 14-15, 2019 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vesna Pantelić

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, Serbia

Vesna Pantelic is Head of Department for the coordination of the national statistical system, use of administrative data in official statistics and labour market statistics in the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia. Her expertise is methodological, analytical and technological development of labour market statistics, including Labour force survey statistics, Registered employment statistics, Average wages and salaries statistics, Labour cost statistics, Structure of earnings etc. She has worked on data processing and data analysis for several ad hoc projects (School to work transition survey, Time use survey, Multiple indicator cluster survey, EU projects funded through IPA platform, etc.).

She has also published studies related to labour market statistics in leading national economic journals. Her recent work has focused on expanding the use of administrative data in the production of official statistics, in parallel with coordination of national statistical system aiming to enhance the quality of administrative data and enable its integration. She is leading a project for development of Labour Market Information System in Serbia. She studied mathematics at the Belgrade University, Serbia.


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